Sunday, November 6, 2011

Immaculate Deception

So...a couple weeks ago Sally Jorgensen from Petroleum By-Product posted a link to her new video. I watched it a few times and showed it to everyone who came in the shop...killer, no-budget 80's worship...killer video and killer track. I hadn't hear anything from Petroleum By-Product for at least a year ...I was guessing they were done or on hiatus, so I was glad to hear something out of one of them. Then...checking out Sally's Facebook page, I leaned that the band is set to release a new 7 incher sometime this year. I an't wait to hear the new stuff...the band has gone through a few style changed since their inception, and I've liked every incarnation.
Check out Sally's new video here:

Here's the cover for the forthcoming 7":

Petroleum By-Product started off as a lo-fi, juvenile punk band a few years ago...they turned in my two fave tracks on the Emergency Room comp...pick it up if you don't have it already...

The band did a killer LP in 2010...played this one more than any other Vancouver release that year...more of post punk /new wave sound here. Some killer tracks...way different than the Emergency Room cuts...but equally as cool. The album looks like it:

By the time the LP came out...the band had dropped a bass player and gone full-fledged new wave/synth pop. They ended up perplexing audiences at live shows who had shown up expecting the band they'd heard on the LP or the Emergency Room comp, and ended up with something a little different. The upcoming 7" will be the first record released with this configuration of the band...can't wait.

Here's some more vids...

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