Sunday, November 6, 2011

Immaculate Deception

So...a couple weeks ago Sally Jorgensen from Petroleum By-Product posted a link to her new video. I watched it a few times and showed it to everyone who came in the shop...killer, no-budget 80's worship...killer video and killer track. I hadn't hear anything from Petroleum By-Product for at least a year ...I was guessing they were done or on hiatus, so I was glad to hear something out of one of them. Then...checking out Sally's Facebook page, I leaned that the band is set to release a new 7 incher sometime this year. I an't wait to hear the new stuff...the band has gone through a few style changed since their inception, and I've liked every incarnation.
Check out Sally's new video here:

Here's the cover for the forthcoming 7":

Petroleum By-Product started off as a lo-fi, juvenile punk band a few years ago...they turned in my two fave tracks on the Emergency Room comp...pick it up if you don't have it already...

The band did a killer LP in 2010...played this one more than any other Vancouver release that year...more of post punk /new wave sound here. Some killer tracks...way different than the Emergency Room cuts...but equally as cool. The album looks like it:

By the time the LP came out...the band had dropped a bass player and gone full-fledged new wave/synth pop. They ended up perplexing audiences at live shows who had shown up expecting the band they'd heard on the LP or the Emergency Room comp, and ended up with something a little different. The upcoming 7" will be the first record released with this configuration of the band...can't wait.

Here's some more vids...

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The second band I'm profiling from this years fest is...NEEDLES//PINS...

These guys came over and played the TALK'S CHEAP x-mas party a few months ago, and blew me away. They have a 7 incher out on their own label and a couple sold out cassettes, and a track on the Bloodstains across BC 7"...decent, catchy stuff in recorded form...but the songs played live, with a shitload of energy, are great! One of my fave Vancouver bands going right now...and I can't wait to see 'em again. They have a blog here...and Myspace here. They will be closing the first night of music at the EARTHQUAKE SHAKE...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So...we're going to profile one band that's playing the EARTHQUAKE SHAKE everyday until the fest...first up, THE MANDATES!

THE MANDATES are a relatively new, 4 piece band outa Calgary featuring members of bands like THE THROWAWAYS, KNUCKLEHEAD, SIDS and THE TENSION SLIPS. They cite bands like the NEW YORK DOLLS and THE BOYS as you no where they're coming from. Pop-edged punk-rockthat brings the hooks without sacrificing the balls. I haven't seen 'em yet, but knowing these guys from their other bands, we're guranteed a energetic and catchy set. Check 'em out on Myspace! THE MANDATES will be opening the first night of the SHAKE on Friday, June 10th.


The Second Annual EARTHQUAKE SHAKE festival is happening in Victoria this year on June 10th and 11th. 2 nights of killer out of town, punk bands at LOGAN'S PUB...the opening of "Fat, Drunk and Stupid" a show of the artwork of "King" Darren Merinuk ( )...and the first anniversary of the TALK'S CHEAP store!

Here is a list of most the bands that will be playing the SHAKE:
Friday J...une 10th:
- Mandates (Calgary)
- Timecopz (Vancouver)
- Topless Mongos (Calgary)
- Spastic Panthers (Calgary)
- Needles//Pins (Vancouver)

Saturday June 11th:- Juvenile Hall (Vancouver)
- Sheglank'd Shoulders (Calgary)
- Moby Dicks (Lethbridge)
- Defektors (Vancouver)
- B-Lines (Vancouver)

Single day tickets $15 or both days for $28.

Show Line-ups, ticket info, etc up at: Buy tickets online, or pick 'em up in Victoria at TALK'S CHEAP (556 B Pandora) NOW!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


So, Record Store Day 2011 came and went this past Saturday. People waited outside of TALK'S CHEAP for 20+ minutes before I opened at hour and a half early! Was it a good day for sales? You betcha! But why? People in search of elusive "Record Store Day Exclusives" (most of which will still be sitting on the shelves in shops when next Record Store Day rolls around)...or people who do all their record shopping for the entire year on this one day? I answered at least 6 phone calls from people looking for the Rush and Nirvana exclusives...and I sold stacks of wax. Where are all these people with money to spend on records the other 51 weekend of the year??? From what I gather from talking to other store owners, most people who make an effort to participate in Record Store Day, and stock some of the exclusives, can expect to do 5 to 10 times the business they'd do on a regular Saturday. A medium sized store in a decent sized city reported bringing in $36, 000 dollars in one day...with 90% of it's sales being Record Store Day exclusives. Looks like the Record industry cooked up a scheme to sell a shitload of records...and it worked. It's Christmas for record collector's...and it's as much of a bullshit marketing scheme as Christmas, Valentine's day, etc. As much as I'd love NOT to participate in such a blatant cash grab, the reality of the matter is that any independent store selling records in this day and age needs to embrace anything that helps them move more records. I guess all I'm saying is who needs Record Store Day...your local record stores are open every weekend of the year. Stop in and buy a few records every month, and they'll treat you right. Exclusives are bullshit...overpriced reissues are a joke. Bring your spare change down to TALK'S CHEAP, BLACK RAVEN, THE TURNTABLE and GORDIE'S this weekend and show your local shops that every weekend can be "Record Store Day"!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So...we were treated to a fantastic show by vancouvers B-LINES on Saturday, April was suppossed to be an album release, but the albums were the band made some tapes exclusively for the Vic show., and the show went. Great sets by MEDUSA, OPEN RELEATIONSHIP and YUNG MUMS...and B-LINES put on one of the best sets I've seen in Victoria all year. If you need a B-Lines LP, I've got 'em down at the TALK'S CHEAP...look for a YUNG MUMS tape coming out soon...and go see MEDUSA and OPEN RELATIONSHIP any chance you get!

If you miss the show, here are some pics courtesy of JOHN CARLOW...





...Don't miss WHITE LUNG///JUVENILE HALL///and Guests at LOGAN'S PUB on May 7th...and THE EARTHQUAKE SHAKE festival at LOGAN'S on JUNE 10/11th!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Local Bands! first off I caught the POOR CHOICES a couple times and really dug 'em. The second Victoria band with all female membership to pop up in the last few months...both times I saw 'em, they had a lead singer, who I hear is no longer in the band...can't comment on the new line-up without the stand alone singer (one of the guitarists took over singing duties), but the songs on their new Myspace page sound good to me:

The POOR CHOICES play at Monty's Showroom with DURBAN POISON on Sunday, March 20th.

Speaking of DURBAN POISON...they have a new CD out now, with a new 7" out any time now. The new CD's called "Lost In Space" and carries on where the first CD left fact it was recorded at the same sessions that prodeuced the first CD and 7". Solid CD all the way through...more Ramones infkuenced punk with a little 70's, New York, glam snarl. Come down to TALK'S CHEAP and pick up a copy!

...and remember to check 'em out with the POOR CHOICES at Monty's on the 20th, or opening for THE JOLTS at Logan's on April 15th.

OPEN RELATIONSHIP have been playing out quite a bit. Still one of my fave bands going in Victoria. They've got a second demo tape available (available at TALK'S CHEAP)...and I gotta say it sounds alot better than the first one. It's still recorded super lo-fi, but it's amazing what mic placement will do. Tape 2 has some rerecorded tracks from the first tape, a couple new ones and a cover of AGENT ORANGE'S "Bloodstains". It's juvenile, girl punk...and it rules!

Check out OPEN RELATIONSHIP at the V-Lounge on March 10th and at Logan's on March 18th with B.A. JOHNSON.

Posting stuff Again!

I've never been very good at updating Blogs or web pages, but I figure I better start giving people a reason to check TALK'S CHEAP out. I'm committing to updating the blog everytime I have something worthwhile to talk about. That might be twice a week, or twice a day. I'll try to have something new up every day though.

Also...I've been listening to alot of STATIC STATIC should too...