Sunday, August 22, 2010

Victoria comes alive!

Things are looking up in biggest complaint about the music scene since I moved here has always been the lack in variety in bands and the lack of new bands popping up. Well...things are looking up, as there a couple new bands just getting going in town.

Keep your eyes out for a new all-girl punk band, tentative
ly called Open Relationship. They are only a couple practices in, but I'm told they have 3 solid songs, and should be ready to start playing out this fall.

The other band that's just getting going is tentatively called The Deviated Septums....members of Victim's Choice and Edmonton's Thrashtic Fibrosis, who supposedly sound like early Bones Brigade. I'm expecting high energy, (just) pre-crossover, 80's hardcore...and I'm really looking forward to this bands debut. I know these guys already have a handful of songs worked up...expect a first show in September.

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_Griphin_ said...

WOW! Just picked up the Deviated Septums 6 track CD-R, can't quit listening to it, it's THAT GOOD!