Friday, July 2, 2010

Catching Up!

I've been busy getting a buncha stuff off the ground, and just neglected to post here. What have I been doing?

Well, most importantly, I was working on opening the TALK'S CHEAP store (556 B Pandora in the old Regalia space, besidee Bliss, Mole and Habit). I opened the doors a couple weeks ago, and so far, it's been a success. Thanks to everyone who's dropped by and bought some records or a book or a T-Shirt. The I'll have a lot more stuff coming in over the next couple weeks and hope to have the upstairs "gallery" room open sometime next week. Drop by and check it's still a bit of a work in progress, but it's starting to look pretty cool.

Lotsa punk-rock/new wave/ garage/ powerpop, etc records, vintage movie posters, books, CD's, T-Shirts and misc. art. Bring in your old records and Cd's for trade...and come hang out Friday nights from 7PM 9PM for different DJ's spinning stuff from their collections. If you wanna come down and spin some records one week, drop me a line at that's the store. What else has been happening. Well...a buncha decent bands came through town over the last month and a half. Montreal's Sonic Avenues dropped by Logan's and did a killer set on a weeknight to a relatively small but appreciative crowd. Totally fun set, lotsa dancing...killer punked up power-pop...if you missed it, you missed out. Do yourself a favor and pick up their album on Going Gaga records...come get one at Talk's Cheap, I've still got a couple copies.

I also put together the Earthquake Shake ( over the second weekend in June. What was supposed to be a two day fest, got shortened to one night...but was tsill the best show to hit Victoria this years (and probably in the 3 years I've lived here). The Throwaways, Electric Kisses, Manipulators, Vicious Cycles and Tranzmitors all turned in amazing sets. Once again...if you missed it, what were you thinking. Come down to Talk's Cheap immediately and I'll sell you copies of records from all the bands who played! Pictures and a full run down to come soon...

Oh Yeah...the Split-Ups (from Vancouver) are playing Logan's on July 23rd...and the following night White Lung (Vancouver) is hitting town again to support their new LP on Deranged. They'll be playing with Radians from Lethbridge...who's new 7" on Mammoth Cave is really good. Busy weekend...more info soon...

T. Depression

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VicAdm44 said...

Really excited about your new shop, pics look great so far! Can't wait to drop by and check it out, way to fight the good fight :) Tons of indie talent out there, nice to see it embraced. I also write a blog on a lot of Indie music, if thats something that interests you!